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Project Description
Basic framework to implement governance, policies and customizations on SharePoint sites.

Project Vision
In SharePoint, one of the easiest task to perform for an end-user is to add an item to a list.
It sounds obvious and it is!

So why customization, configuration,rules governance, policies are not as easy as adding an item to a list?
Most customization in a SharePoint environment might reveal itself as a daunting task for the developper or the power user.
Worse, it appears to me that same tasks are repeated again and again in every company that is integrating SharePoint.
Why not applying a DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) approach to SharePoint customization ?

As you might know, customization can be applied by uploading a WSP file into the Solution Gallery.
My vision is that this approach completly fails when going to the Cloud.

WSP is a black box file that makes customization unmanageable for any power user.
WSP is for Farm Administrators.
Moving the WSP to the Solution Gallery means that Site Collection Administrator MUST be as knowledgeable as the FARM Administrator.
Do you think it is a Cloud approach?

The goal of this project is to design an extensible framework so that the customization experience should be as easy as adding an item to a list.

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